Axelrod Explains Democrat’s Defeat In FL Election

On Tuesday Florida held a special election to fill the seat left by Republican Rep. C. W. Young when he died of colon cancer this past October. The choices to replace him were Republican David Jolly and Democrat Alex Sink. Sink was sunk, but not by much. Much of the campaigning on Jolly’s part revolved around attacking Obamacare, so it’s logical to believe his victory was given him due to his voters’ displeasure with that law. David Axelrod, formerly President Obama’s Senior Advisor, was Read more […]

Anti-Obamacare Republican David Jolly Wins Florida Special Election for House Seat

Charles William Young, better known to many as Bill Young was first elected to the US House of Representatives in 1971, where he represented the people of the sunshine state of Florida.  At the beginning of last October, Young was admitted to Walter Reed Hospital suffering from a broken hip and fractured pelvis.  Young also suffered from a blood cancer concentrated in the bone marrow that caused his bones to become very brittle, which prevented the doctors from being able to surgically repair his Read more […]

FL Dem Pushes Immigration Reform so there are People to Clean Hotel Rooms and do Our Landscaping

Over the past couple of years, we’ve all heard a number of reasons of why we need immigration reform.  Some say we have to do something to make all of the illegals legal so they can be taxed and contribute to the economy.  Others say we can’t deport them all and I always ask why not?  We hold anyone else accountable for the crimes they commit so why should illegals be any different? Regretfully, very few say we need immigration reform because it takes too long for many people to be able Read more […]