British Conservatives Make Hindi Music Video to Win Over Indian Voters

In its latest push for maintaining power in the upcoming general election, the United Kingdom’s Conservative Party has released what it says is the country’s first-ever Hindi-language campaign music video. The song “Neela Hai Aasma” (“The Sky Is Blue”) is targeted to “1.6 million British Indians,” according to the Conservative Friends of India group that produced the video. There are somewhere around 45 million registered voters in the U.K., so the video is a pinpoint effort to Read more […]

Obama’s the Only One Ignoring the Roots of Islamic Terrorism

Monday’s White House statement on ISIS’ beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya, which failed to mention their victims’ faith as the reason for their murder, was practically unique among world leaders’ reactions for its omission. By contrast, Pope Francis on Sunday exclaimed that “they were killed simply for the fact that they were Christians,” and that “their blood confesses Christ.” (RELATED: Who Were ISIS’ Egyptian Christian Victims?) Even the official Twitter Read more […]

London Mayors says ISIS is Full of Porn-Addicted Losers!

Infamous London Mayor, Boris Johnson, owes his popularity to his irascible and straightforward manner. Johnson proved once again why his supporters love him so, when he recently discussed the members of ISIS as porn-addled losers!   A London politician said British men who join ISIS are just porn-obsessed losers looking for an ego boost. The “tortured” men turn to jihad because they lack purpose and self-esteem, and can’t get a girlfriend, London Mayor Boris Johnson told Read more […]

Learn English Or Lose Your Benefits

“It is the obvious which is so difficult to see most of the time. People say ‘It’s as plain as the nose on your face.’ But how much of the nose on your face can you see, unless someone holds a mirror up to you” – Isaac Asimov What we lack in common sense, we make up for in meaningless passions. I would say that is an apt way to describe many Americans. It seems counterintuitive that as we gain access to information, we lose our ability to discern logical from illogical. The more we have, the less Read more […]

“Oh Noes!” Pat Buchanan Was Right!

I first read “The Death of the West” by Pat Buchanan as a senior in college back in 2003. I was immediately struck by the titanic nature of demographic transition. See, I was a social studies student whose passion was European history… but was developing a real affinity for human geography. Reading Buchanan’s book was one of my “transformational” moments when it came to realizing that I wanted to engage culture in a real way. That moment was over a decade ago, but it still remains Read more […]

The UK Electoral Revolution: A Hopeful Sign

For those of us getting more and more sick of the United States establishment what happens in the United Kingdom may not seem to matter much. But hearing the panic and exultation from the recent elections may be a hint of things to come when the population truly begins to wake up. The UK Independence Party just won sweeping victories that were not only unexpected in the media but even surprised UKIP officials: “The UK Independence Party has made huge electoral gains and declared itself the ‘official Read more […]