On the Iran Deal: It’s “Bizarre that You Pass Something with a Minority, Especially what is Effectively a Treaty”

David Brooks is a BIG RINO. But on PBS and in the New York Times, he is what passes for a conservative, and at least on the Iran Nuclear Deal he seems to actually be siding with conservatives (which doesn’t happen often). On PBS Brooks was flabbergasted that the Iran Nuclear Deal could move forward without majority support in Congress. It’s, first of all, bizarre that you pass something with a minority, especially what is effectively a treaty with a minority. Treaties are supposed to be ratified Read more […]

RINO Tries to Belittle Sarah Palin with the Confederate Flag

When the New York Times or PBS wants to hear a “conservative” opinion they call on David Brooks to give it. The only problem is that David Brooks is hardly a “conservative,” in fact he’s much closer to a doctrinaire squishy RINO moderate than anything else. He’s the type of “conservative” who could hardly find a negative word to write about Barack Obama during the run-up to the 2008 Presidential election! So you can understand why most conservatives could not care less when criticized by David Brooks, Read more […]

Surprise, Surprise – Liberal and Moderate Republicans Back Jeb Bush

Once again the RINO’s have come out to discuss what they saw at CPAC. I’m always a little perturbed by these guys coming and hanging out with us at CPAC, pretending to be our friends and then drifting back to New York, LA or other major media markets to badmouth us. David Brooks for example says that CPAC attendees aren’t really conservatives – they’re actually the hardest of the “hardcore.” He then went on to praise Jeb Bush among all of the candidates and obviously prefers the most establishment Read more […]

What We’re Reading July 8, 2013

Hope you had a great July 4th, Independence Day weekend! Sad to say, it’s Monday again, and it’s time for you to get back to the grind. However, before you do, grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair. You need to find out what’s going on in your world before you head out that door, and we’re here to help you get your daily dose of knowledge. Here’s what we’re reading on Monday July 8, 2013. Politico wants the GOP to know that if it wants to take back the Senate, it’s going Read more […]

David Brooks: If Snowden Had Stayed In High School, He Would Love Big Brother

The “high school dropout” smear on Edward Snowden has been disgusting, but no one is more gruesomely self-worshiping and arrogant with the meme than David Brooks. According to Brooks, government schools run by the Department of Education are not extensions of the Federal Bureausaur in Washington DC (which, coincidentally, is the object of Brooks’ own lifetime mancrush). On the contrary, such tax-fed brainwashing centers are “mediating institutions.” The fact that Snowden dropped out is Read more […]

Obama Ran Clean Administration With NO Scandals Says NY Times Columnist

I’ve heard of looking at the world through rose colored glasses, but David Brooks of the New York Times has to be looking through black glasses to see what he saw. Speaking on the PBS News Hour post-election coverage, Brooks told his fellow commentators that Barack Obama’s first term in office was very clean and free of scandal. He did say that Obama was arrogant at times and subject to overconfidence but was a man of high integrity. “First of all, I would say if anybody is subject to overconfidence, Read more […]