Congressman says Says Sharia Law is Not Compatible With America’s ‘Bedrock’ Principles

Islam’s Sharia law opposes the United States’ founding principles, so the U.S. should re-evaluate who enters the country and how, Rep. David Brat said Wednesday during a Capitol Hill news conference. “Sharia is not compatible with religious toleration,” said the first-term Virginia Republican who defeated former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a primary election last year in a campaign where immigration issues largely shaped the outcome. “And so the tendency — it’s more Read more […]

The Media Doesn’t Understand Christianity but they Hate it Anyway

An odd storyline popped up this week as Professor David Brat defeated Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA). The basic idea was this: Brat’s victory is because voters in that district are anti-Semitic. Seriously. Sure, Cantor had represented these people as for the last 20 plus years…but they probably fired him because they hate Jews. It’s nonsensical… but that is exactly the story the liberal media has been running with the past few days. To try and bolster the anti-Semitism argument, the media dug Read more […]

Alien Trades Places with Chris Matthews

Something very, very weird is happening at MSNBC. Chris Matthews has actually said some relatively coherent things over the last few weeks. Ok, we’ve only heard him say three (one, two and three) relatively coherent things… but that’s three more than usual! Well, now Matthews has said something else that makes sense… and we’re starting to worry. Could it be that an alien has switched places with the normally obtuse Matthews? That might make more sense than whatever is actually going Read more […]

Conservatism Beats the Establishment: David Brat Destroys Eric Cantor

“It should frighten everyone in leadership…They haven’t been conservative enough. We’ve told them that for 3 years. They wouldn’t listen…Maybe they will listen now.” – Conservative House Republican, speaking with National Journal on condition of anonymity Yesterday was a day that will live on in infamy. Ok, maybe I’m being dramatic, but yesterday was still pretty incredible. A Tea Party backed candidate defeated one of the most powerful sitting Republican members of the House of Representatives. Read more […]