Ivy League Students Mock Rick Perry About Anal Sex

Some students at Dartmouth College, an apparently prestigious Ivy League school, decided to harangue visiting Texas governor Rick Perry with juvenile jibes unfit for the stupidest playground altercation. These students were so upset by Rick Perry and his stance on homosexuality, that they planned to spend the entire question and answer time derailing actual political discourse with constant references to anal sex. Here are a few examples of their questions taken from a print-out (written by sophomoric Read more […]

Dartmouth Denies Request of Female Student to Protect Herself from Stalker

Most colleges and universities these days are gun-free zones, except when some disgruntled student decides to take advantage of that gun-free zone and shoot a bunch of defenseless people. Liberals think that if they make anti-gun rules on campus, it will protect everyone from another Virginia Tech or Sandy Hook happening. But all it does is turn students and faculty into a group of sitting ducks. State legislators have come up with a number of ways students can protect themselves, particularly Read more […]