Don’t Forget: the Obama is a Muslim Rumors started with Hillary Clinton!

In the Aftermath of Donald Trump’s little faux pas, allowing a supporter to question President Obama’s religion and his nationality, Hillary Clinton was quick to criticize Trump for the insinuation. The only problem was that everyone (and I mean everyone) was quick to point out that she was being a HUGE hypocrite. Why? Because way back in 2007/2008 it was Hillary Clinton who started the “Obama is a Muslim” rumors! “It was raised this weekend, I guess we have to get our digs in on Hillary Read more […]

CNN Pushes Meme that Republicans are to Blame for “Gridlock” in D.C.

CNN’s Dana Bash must have gotten her Democrat talking points early in the day because she wanted to make sure that everyone heard her loud and clear. The Republicans are to blame for the dysfunction in Washington.. “This is going to be a true test for Republicans on whether they can get beyond just winning in politics, and get to doing well governing.” And then this incredible zinger… “Democrats probably rightly have a complaint that the reason the Senate isn’t working is because Read more […]