Vile Anti-Christian Bigot Dan Savage Gets TV Show

“There are three things in the world that deserve no mercy: hypocrisy, fraud, and tyranny.” – Frederick William Robertson Let’s be straightforward here. We all know that despite the existence of hypocrisy on both sides of the political spectrum, the preponderance of it rests squarely on the shoulders of the left. They warp the words, ideas, and actions of conservatives to make them look like monsters, while covering up with herculean effort their own egregious behavior. Well, there’s a fun trick Read more […]

You Can Say F*g If You’re Liberal!

A hypocrite is one who looks in the mirror and becomes offended. We are all hypocrites in one way or another—that’s not the essence of what I cannot stand. What irks me is the hypocrite who cannot see their own hypocrisy. The type of turnaround that gets the most press is the Liberal one. Every day, Liberals in the public eye create rules that only apply to those with whom they disagree. If we break one of these precious rules, we are flogged. But if a Liberal steps over the line, it’s just Read more […]

Dan Savage: “Abortion Should be Mandatory for About 30 Years”

Sodomite visionary Dan Savage sardonically remarked at some Australian event that abortion should be mandatory for the next 30 years to cut down on our overpopulation problem. He sat on a panel of four individuals and was asked the following question:  “Which so-called dangerous idea do you each think would have the greatest potential to change the world for the better if it were implemented?” Dan was asked to answer the question first, and he replied, “Population control. There’s too Read more […]

Homosexuality: The Political Battering Ram

“I believe granting liberty to gay people advances a compelling government interest, that such an interest cannot be adequately advanced if “pockets of resistance” to a societal statement of equality are permitted to flourish, and hence that a law that permits no individual exceptions based on religious beliefs will be the least restrictive means of achieving the goal of liberty for gay people.” – Chai Feldblum, an open Lesbian who was nominated to serve as a Commissioner of the Equal Employment Read more […]