Gun Control Advocate James Brady, Dead at 73

James Brady, the Reagan staff member who was paralyzed in an assassination attempt on President Reagan’s life, has passed away at age 73. He is most famous for revolutionizing the gun control debate and leading the charge on almost two decades of gun control measures. Sure, the efforts he championed have shown no real benefit to our nation or the conversation on gun freedom but the media and the liberals loved to see a conservative fight against conservative values. Here are just a few of the Read more […]

Nigerian Kidnappings, Clintons, Pelosi and Virginia Mosque

A year ago, I wrote about a prominent Muslim mosque, Dar al-Hijrah, located in Alexandria, Virginia. I wrote: “Just a note – al-Hijrah refers to the Islamic tactic of using the gradual buildup of Muslim migrants to colonize and eventually take over a specific area.  According to some sources, Dar al-Hijrah is a front for Hamas and has more ties to terrorist groups than other mosques in the U.S. The Imam there is Shaker Elsayed, an Egyptian born Muslim.” “Elsayed was recently speaking Read more […]