Halloween: The BEST Time to Offend the Culture Warriors!

It’s that time of year, folks. Halloween is upon us, and already I can feel the hot breath of indignant culture warriors on the back of my neck. The weeks leading up to Halloween are a treat for me. I like to watch the culture warriors strap on their jackboots, and tell us what we’re allowed to wear, and what’s prohibited–for feelings are delicate this time of year. But whose feelings? The culture warriors are a special kind of people who live in a world in which rage is rocket fuel, and being Read more […]

Society’s Lapse In Public Etiquette

I don’t like how comfortable we have become with public crassness. At my bookstore the other day, a second-hand place, a young lady walks in, perhaps age 20, lightly freckled, the left side of her head shaved down to a buzz and the right side abruptly cascading her reddish blonde hair past her shoulders to be loosely braided together just at the bottom. She asks if we have any copies of The Shack, that work of Christian-based fiction in which God, for reasons I can’t figure, is portrayed as Read more […]

The Open Border And Drug Violence Expansion Act Of 2013

Gang related and drug related deaths and crime are at an all time high in America. With an estimated one million gang members operating in our nation, this very real government caused crime crisis will amplify if the current version of the Gang of 8 Immigration bill becomes US law. Melded into the mess that is the new immigration reform bill is provisions that will fuel the growth of gang and drug violence in our American communities. The “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Read more […]

Obama Reaches Out To A Culture Strangling A Free America

Obama’s America has gradually developed an irresistible tolerance for the dangerous and immoral culture of Islam. Islam’s whispers have now turned to shouts as this manufactured religion continues its assault on our freedoms and American ideals. American society’s distorted views of Islam as a legitimate religion, guaranteed a place in our free society, are fueling the conquest of our nation and the future subjugation of our free people. For those broadminded Americans who have grown to Read more […]

Survey Reveals Youth Have More Inflated Sense Of Self-Entitlement

Move over baby-boomers, there’s a new monster in town, and it’s my generation. I’ve always said I don’t like people who are around my age (let’s say the 18-to-30 age group), and now a study conducted over the past 47 years that has surveyed roughly 9 million young adults gives me a rationale for my feelings. The study showed that college freshmen over the last 47 years have steadily come to think more and more highly of themselves, believing they are above average and exaggerating their skills Read more […]

Adam Lanza: No One Saw This Coming?

I wasn’t sure how to write this article given the anger and despondency I felt as a father when I watched and read of the Connecticut school shooting that took place on Friday. My heart breaks for the parents and loved ones of the innocent lives snuffed out by a deranged young man incapable of understanding the trauma and devastation he has left behind. Twenty eight innocent souls were violently ripped away from their families all victims of a mentally ill young man who went on a delusional rampage Read more […]

Game Shows as a Sad Indicator of the State of American Culture

I watched last night for the first time NBC’s new game show Take It All. I am not usually a fan of new game shows, but the fleshiness of host Howie Mandel’s head is hard to avert one’s eyes from, so I watched. The more I watched, the more engaged I found myself, speaking aloud my greater wisdom than the contestants in determining which items were the pricier ones. Basically, the game is a high-stakes version of the Christmas-party game White Elephant. An interesting concept, I thought. But Read more […]

Mother-Daughter Cosmetic Surgery On The Rise

I normally write about political issues, but today, I’m doing something different. Culture effects our politics and politics effects our culture. Most often, these two things are intertwined without our knowledge; one impacting the other in unseen ways. However, a bad cultural trend is certainly a harbinger of things to come. A new trend is on the rise that I find highly disturbing. This trend is familial plastic surgery. According to an article on CBS 11 News in Dallas Texas, it is becoming increasingly Read more […]

My Culture Doesn’t Treat Guns Like Bling

We are once again approaching that area where truth and racism collide and we grow farther apart as a society. As two families grieve the senseless loss of a young mother and father few words are written exposing the culture of drugs, violence and objectification now swept under the rug so African American pride can avoid responsibility for their collective future. Javon Belcher was not a poorly educated urban black kid when he when he graduated from the University of Maine. By all reports, he Read more […]