Video: Murder Victims’ Family Berates Media for Sympathizing with Executed Murderer

Leave it to the liberal press to sympathize with a murderer and ignore the victims and their family. For all their talk about their alleged concern for victims in any situation, you’d think they wouldn’t care so much about the fate of someone who murdered two people in cold blood. But I suppose it’s not all that surprising, considering that they also refer to an unborn child as a parasitic mass of tissue that’s invaded a woman’s uterus, and for this reason, deserves to die a painful Read more […]

Rapist & Murderer Endures Painful Execution, And I Don’t Feel Sorry

“The recent prolonged and painful execution of Dennis McGuire in Ohio with medical drugs was a national disgrace.” – Harold Mandel “The manner in which Ohio chose to experiment on this human being speaks to the baseless ethical character of Governor Kasich and his administration. The State of Ohio has committed murder without mercy. The universal Christian church loves all of God’s children and believes wholeheartedly in mercy and forgiveness.” – Rev. Anthony Evans Dennis McGuire has been on Read more […]