ACLU Says Ok for Teachers to Harass Christian Students but Not Buddhists

For the past several decades, public school teachers have been harassing Christian students for their faith and getting away with it.  Countless Christian students have been humiliated in front of their classmates when teachers mock them for believing in the Bible and what it says about the creation of the world and for its teachings on homosexuality.  I personally know of people who were called idiots, stupid, ignorant and worse for believing in the Bible.  I also know of science teachers that Read more […]

Liberals Already Running Out of Substantive Criticisms of Rubio

Conservatives are not the only ones looking ahead to the next election (including me); liberals are as well. And they’re not just looking at the next Democratic presidential ticket, but at the Republican one. They’re already trying to delegitimize the Republicans they most fear could pose the biggest threat to there being another Democrat in the White House in 2017. This will continue for the next four years, of course–and from both sides, if I’m going to be honest. I certainly won’t refrain Read more […]

University Dean Says Creationists Should Not Be Allowed to Graduate

Ever since the theory of evolution was first proposed, there has been a rift between creationists and evolutionists.  Perhaps nowhere is that rift wider than in public schools and colleges. I’ve sat in classrooms where college professors not only taught evolution, but ranted and raved against anyone stupid enough to believe in biblical creation, especially in young-earth creation.  Some will tolerate old-earth creationism because it compromises the Bible with evolution, but when it comes to Read more […]