Teacher Placed in “Teacher Jail” Because his Students’ Science Projects “Resembled Guns”

In other words, the objects were tubular, like guns. Anything that’s remotely close to being cylindrical are banned in schools because of their strong resemblance to firearms. Like pencils and fingers. And Pop Tarts. Steve Watson with Infowars reported: The LA Times reports that Greg Schiller was sentenced to “teacher jail” (with pay) in February from the Grand Arts High School for “supervising the building, research and development of imitation weapons,” according to administrators. As Read more […]

Ben Carson to Conservatives: Stop Letting “Racist” Label Bother You!

Ben Carson, the black neurosurgeon whom Republicans wish to run for President just because he’s black and is against Obamacare, wrote at WashingtonTimes.com, “Too many people are willing to listen to the inflammatory rhetoric of the dividers who happily toss out accusations of racism against critics of the president of the United States whenever people disagree with his policies.” He’s right. Conservatives listen to the left’s rhetoric of which he speaks; when they are accused of racism, they Read more […]

Peter King & Other Republican Cowards Couldn’t Care Less About Us

Benjamin Franklin said: “Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one.” According to Breitbart: “Rep. Peter King is charging that tea party-backed members of the House Republican Caucus are trying to ‘hijack the party.’ The New York Republican says he senses that increasing numbers of House Republicans—perhaps as many as a hundred—are growing weary of ‘the Ted Cruz wing of the party.'” In addition to the King quote, Breitbart is reporting that Politico is pulling no punches Read more […]

Boy Facing Expulsion For Turning In Hunting Knife At School Football Game

I remember being at the airport about 10 years ago and forgetting that I had a pocketknife on me. I always had it on me, and I remembered that I had it as I was going through security. Instead of waiting for the security personnel to find it, I decided I would tell them as soon as I could, so that they wouldn’t think I was trying to sneak it in. I pulled it out of my jacket where I always kept it and gave it to one of the guards. He gasped as if I were holding an explosive device. With eyes wide Read more […]