Obama-Appointed Judge Overturns Chicago’s Gun Sale Ban

Illinois’ and Chicago’s gun laws have taken a beating over the past few years. For a while, Illinois was the only state left to have an outright ban on concealed carry. You could have a gun, but it couldn’t leave your house. A little over a year ago, the U.S Appeals Court struck down their ban as unconstitutional and forced their state legislature to formulate laws that would allow concealed carry. They finally enacted a concealed carry law last summer, albeit a highly restrictive one. Now, Read more […]

With Liberal President & Courts, Why Bother With Border Patrol & Immigration Laws

Between President Obama’s actions and those of liberals judges, it almost begs the question of why bother having Border Patrol agents and immigration laws anyway. Since taking office in January 2009, Obama has been bent on opening the borders to millions of illegal aliens just so that they would vote for him and other Democrats.  He ordered US Attorney General Eric Holder to stop enforcing parts of the federal immigration laws and only deport illegals who had felony records.  All other illegal Read more […]

TSA Bullying: How the State Smacked Down a Mother For Trying to Protect Her Daughter

I know that “bullying” is widely defined as simply threatening or harassing. But in my mind the classic school bully has a more specific method. The classic bully is crafty in how he deals with the school authorities. A classic school bully intimidates you and harasses you, but makes sure you seem like the bad guy when you fight back. Suddenly you find yourself dragged to the principal’s office because you allegedly attacked or insulted the bully. All his actions are ignored and your actions Read more […]