It’s Time for Christians to Man Up and Address Same-Sex Issues with Boldness and Love

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill It’s difficult to be optimistic. In the times in which we find ourselves, looking up to opportunity instead of down at social failures can seem useless. It’s not. I’m as cynical as someone can be, but I see in the recent SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage a real opportunity. Going forward, Christians will be challenged in new ways. As our society continues to become Read more […]

Senator Lee Bright Showed Us What Real Courage Looks Like

Sometimes, compromise stains the hands with blood. Imagine it’s 1943; Nazi Germany has already terminated several millions Jews, and Hitler has no plans to slow down his genocide. However, the United States somehow convinces Hitler to consider a meeting. After much discussion, the United States and the dictator reach a compromise: Hitler will be allowed to continue killing Jews, but only Jews with last names that begin with the letters A through M. Sound fair? No, it sounds ludicrous. Who Read more […]

Congress Needs Warriors, Not Wimps

Michael Franti said: “To sit back and say, ‘Oh, we’re going to let the government do whatever they want, right or wrong,’ is giving up.” Maybe it’s because I want to believe in an idealized version of politics that the Republican establishment sucks away my soul. I want to believe in good men and women standing up for what they know is right, refusing to throw in the towel, even when the odds are impossible. That’s true leadership. The word “compromise” has become the Holy Grail. Attaining Read more […]