Senators Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana!

Is marijuana legalization a train that won’t be stopped? It’s starting to seem like it.  The push to legalize has been growing stronger and spreading further across the nation than seemed possible just a few short years ago. Even in states that would be considered “conservative” culturally polls show marijuana legalization becoming a more popular issue for proponents. And now, a bipartisan group of Senators just introduced a bill that would legalize medical marijuana at the federal level.    Republican Read more […]

Democrat Senator Cory Booker Drove to Hawaii?

The guy that many people believe will be Barack Obama’s successor, Senator Cory Booker (D–New Jersey), said from the Congressional floor (during a Congressional hearing about climate change, of course) that his first and only driving trip was from New Jersey … to Hawaii. His first vehicle was apparently the Magic School Bus, or perhaps he can actually drive on water. Or maybe Cory Booker is actually James Bond, and he had just gotten a prototype of an amphibious car from Q. I don’t know. Read more […]

GOP Can Beat Cory Booker

Cory Booker’s inevitability took a hit this week as the family of late Senator Frank Lautenberg formally endorsed Booker’s competition in the Democratic primary, Frank Pallone. The family said, “Pallone stands out among the field of Democratic candidates to continue Lautenberg’s progressive leadership.” In what seems to be a shot at Newark Mayor Cory Booker, the family also said that whoever picks up the Democrat mantle in the Senate for the deceased Lautenberg must put progressive principles Read more […]

What We’re Reading

If you need your daily dose of what’s going on, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what has caught our eye at the Last Resistance today…   Did you know that conservative women don’t really “count” as women? That’s what the left would have us believe.   We are literally watching the destruction of the 4th Amendment.   Here we go! Our government is lying in wait – hunting for NSA leaker Eric Snowden.   An Idaho company is starting Read more […]

Is Cory Booker Unbeatable?

Cory Booker, the popular mayor of Newark, New Jersey seems nigh unbeatable in the upcoming race for the Senate seat, left open by the death of Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ). Booker is the one bright star that Democrats across the country point to when they speak of the next generation of Democrat politicians. His overwhelming popularity in Newark, and in the state of New Jersey, mask the obvious “but” – it is New Jersey and in New Jersey most Democrat politicians poll well. Even the prodigiously Read more […]