Attacking The Tea Party: The False Choice Between Big Government And Big Business

As I have pointed out, the Tea Party is outside the control of Big Business. When it was popular to berate the Tea Party for its opposition to Big Government, liberals claimed they were simply puppets of Big Business. Now that Big Business and Big Government openly work together to smear the Republicans for not raising the debt ceiling, the media admits the truth. Big Business and Big Government are working together and the Tea Party is their enemy As soon as the crisis is over, the media will Read more […]

Can The Middle Class Live Free In a Corrupt Nation?

While we argue about immigration reform and same sex marriage, trillions of dollars are flowing to the campaign coffers of both our Democrat and Republican representatives. Middle class ideals and voters are being persuaded to listen to their representatives and once again give them, all of them, another chance to straighten out the mess Washington caused when they betrayed their electorate and their oath to protect and defend our Constitution. A peripheral look at the money flow in America is Read more […]

On Conservatives’ Wish List and Liberals’ Kill List: Privacy

Rep. Hank Johnson, a Democrat of Georgia, came out the other day in support of a constitutional amendment to prevent corporations from donating to political campaigns. Of course, inasmuch as corporations are not sentient entities and therefore can neither donate money nor even think about doing so, corporations do not donate to political campaigns. The people who work for the corporations do, however, and in reality it is the rights of these people that Johnson wants to limit: “[Y]ou are being Read more […]