What They Call Capitalism Isn’t Capitalism At All

When most leftists and liberals decry the current American system, they talk about income inequality, corporate welfare, big business lobbying, and the like. They tend to call these things “the evils of capitalism” or something similar. Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that leftists and liberals are wrong to call these things capitalism. The bad news is that leftists and liberals are right to call these things wrong. America has become corporatist rather than capitalist. Read more […]

The Robin Hood Statists are Coming for You

Statists with Socialist-leaning fiscal policies often get away with invoking the folk hero, Robin Hood. This illustrates a truth I find frustrating. That is, liberals have an uncanny ability to successfully redefine stuff, like words, history, and even popular fiction. I don’t mean that as a compliment, but it is true. I wish our team could do that, frankly. But we are not very good at it. Once they redefine things, it’s well-nigh impossible to put it all right again. If you control the Read more […]

Food Stamps for Rich Corporations?

The Senate has passed a spending bill of almost a trillion dollars! But you would never know this to look at the news. The propaganda arm of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation tells us: “The US farm bill is a multi-billion dollar piece of legislation that controls the federal government’s spending on farm subsidies.” True, because spending almost a trillion dollars over the next decade does indeed require multiples of billions of dollars. Why not let food be produced by the private sector Read more […]