GOP War on Women: Poll Shows Most Republicans Support Birth Control

The liberal narrative has always been that Republicans hate women. I don’t think they actually believe it. It just helps them get more voters. Since the Hobby Lobby ruling, liberals have been saying that the GOP hates birth control. Apparently, Senate Republicans are working on some bill that will make it illegal for an employer to prevent its employees from obtaining contraception, which actually has nothing to do with the Hobby Lobby ruling, but whatever. And of course, liberals are now saying Read more […]

SWAT-ing Used by Liberals to Target Conservatives

What would you do if you suddenly realized that your house was surrounded by a heavily armed SWAT unit and they were calling for your surrender?  If you don’t think it could happen to you, then put yourself in the shoes of a 17 year old computer gaming teenager in Long Beach, New York.   He had his earphones on while playing the video game ‘Call of Duty.’  According to police, if you lose at the online game, your opponent uses your personal information, obtained during the game to make Read more […]

Why Is Anyone Surprised By Obama’s Weak Response To Russia?

“Memory is the mother of all wisdom.” – Aeschylus It’s really funny how shortsighted we are, as human beings. We are so shortsighted that we forget even the most egregious lies that come from the mouths of the most obscene liars. Not long after president Obama claimed the coveted “lie of the year” award for his “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period” statement, and immediately following the Olympics, Russia decided to put the screws to Ukraine. In typical Obama fashion, our Read more […]

The American Outcry Stops Obama’s Newsroom Monitors

Last week, one of my colleagues shared with you: An FCC commissioner Ajit Pai wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, warning about a plan that his agency is rolling out that would put monitors in the nation’s newsrooms. News managers and staffers would be interviewed by agency officials about the content that they choose to report on and how they choose certain stories. According to Pai, here are some of the questions that will be asked of these managers and staffers: What is the news philosophy Read more […]

Conservatives Aren’t Opposed To Taxes, Just Nonsensical Ones

Liberals, while they’re busy trying to avoid paying taxes, get really upset if conservatives complain about paying taxes. But conservatives’ inability to really explain their policy on this issue (as with other issues) has led liberals to legitimately ask, “If there were no taxes, who would pay for the roads?” I say “legitimately” because conservatives rarely if ever explain their tax policies in a nuanced way. They speak in blanket statements. So of course liberals are going to ask stupid questions Read more […]

Starbucks Bans Amputee Veteran’s Service Dog

Starbucks gained negative coverage two years ago when they openly supported Washington State’s bill to legalize same-sex marriage.  Christians around the nation began to contact Starbucks in protest and many stopped giving them their coffee business. Last year at Starbucks annual shareholder’s meeting, shareholder Tom Strohbar was in attendance.  Noting that a recent boycott launched against Starbucks by the National Organization for Marriage has resulted in a significant decrease in sales, Read more […]

Conservatism Needs Funnier Comedians; Suggestions Offered

It is easier to get people to listen to you and to sympathize and appreciate your views if you can make them laugh. Conservatives, many of them, are unfunny people. They are natural pessimists (to their credit) in a perpetual struggle against the cultural zeitgeist (to their credit), and I think these attributes lead to taking life more seriously and thus not having a very good sense of humor. That’s not to say that there aren’t people who are known among everyday conservatives as comedians, Read more […]

Why Republicans Must Go

Eleanor Roosevelt said: “One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes…and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility.” The above quote perfectly encapsulates the divide within the Republican Party. The rift within the Party is based on many things, but when boiled down, it is all about philosophy. For the longest time, the philosophy of the Republican Party has been about winning at all costs. This has caused permanent blindness which Read more […]

Conservatives Offer Solutions While Liberals Drool

Charles Darwin said: “A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” Life is something that often feels wasted, no matter how we fill it. We use our time to the fullest; packing in activity after activity, so that when we are on our death beds, we can say: “Wow, what a full life I had.” But the wasting of life isn’t in how much we do, but in how we do what we do. The same goes for money. The government is a bloated hog, gorging on taxpayer cash; and with Democrats Read more […]

Conservatism Hasn’t Failed; Republicans Have

Times change; we all know that. But the interesting thing about time is that it doesn’t always require change. Common wisdom says that as we move forward, we must adapt to cultural changes; as if we are out of control of our own momentum. We define culture; not the other way around. When Mitt Romney lost the election in November, the GOP was brimming with ideas about what we could do to change the Republican Party. Some said it was the politicians themselves; they were too old, white, or out Read more […]

Conservatives Slam Ann Coulter–But Why?

Jenny Beth Martin, in an article for, slams Ann Coulter for her latest column. In her column, Coulter tries to make the case that it wasn’t entirely Mitt Romney’s fault that he lost. She decries the Monday morning quarterbacks on the Right who said that Romney wasn’t conservative enough, or he didn’t attack Obama enough, or that he was too centrist. Coulter then uses Ronald Reagan as a contrasting example in order to back-up her opinion. Here are several quotes from Coulter’s column: “But Read more […]

Media Going All Out to Brain Wipe Conservatives While They’re Down

Call it Paula Kale’s revenge. Jonathan Martin has written an article at Politico, “The GOP’s Media Cocoon.” He compares the present post-Romney GOP to Paula Kale who famously said that she didn’t understand how Nixon could have won because none of her friends voted for Nixon. The New Yorker movie critic was in an insular media and cultural cocoon. Martin’s article contains some real truth that is worth reading. I, for one, will never look at the polls the same way again. In fact, we don’t Read more […]