Why Americans Hate Incumbents Yet Still Re-Elect Them

In a recent article, PolitiFact ran the data and apparently the approval rating for Congress is around 14%, yet the incumbent re-election rate is around 95%. Just in case you just suffered blunt force trauma to the head, let me explain why that statistic is odd. It means potential voters overwhelmingly hate the people who are currently in office, and yet actual voters overwhelmingly re-elect those same despised individuals. That is odd, to say the least. But what exactly does it mean? I think Read more […]

Congressional Approval Rating in Single Digits

Well, it’s official. In thirty-nine years of surveying, Gallup has never seen a single-digit approval rating for Congress. Until now! Americans straight up despise Congress, with only 9% of Americans giving Congress the thumbs up. The approval rating wasn’t even this low during the shutdown. I’m guessing people aren’t even paying attention to current events anymore. We’re just out for more approval ratings records—to see how low we can get this thing. I wonder how many of us could keep Read more […]