Family Appeals Decision to Suspend 10-Year-Old Over “Finger Gun”; School Upholds Suspension

I wrote a couple weeks ago about a 10-year-old who got suspended for three days for pointing his finger “execution style.” The Ohio 5th grader had apparently fashioned his hand in the shape of a gun where his index finger resembled the barrel of a pistol. I imagine his thumb probably stuck straight up to resemble the hammer and his three remaining fingers folded to look like the pistol grip. The boy held his gun-shaped hand against a fellow classmate’s head and pulled the imaginary trigger and Read more […]

Publicly Admitted: Late Night Comedy Is Leftist Conditioning

Liberal media bias or Hollywood bias is something every Conservative experiences from TV every day, whether from the so-called “news” or the so-called “entertainment.” But yesterday news of a study was released that makes the bias of late night stand-up comedy an officially recognized fact. Of course, because the media is biased, they portrayed this as a problem with Romney’s ability to “sell” himself to the likes of David Letterman. Thus, the headline, “Mitt Romney’s late night Read more […]