Concealed Carrying T-Mobile Employee Prevents Mass Shooting

Two guys walked into a T-Mobile store located in the south side of Chicago. For a few minutes, they acted like customers and looked around at phones. Then suddenly, they pulled out guns. One employee ran in the back to call the police. Another employee pulled out his own gun and shot both of the crooks. He shot one in the groin and arm, and the other he got in the arm and abdomen. They fled while the armed employee chased them. The police found the two suspects at a nearby hospital and took them Read more […]

Alabama Lawmaker Vows to Get Rid of all College Gun-Free Zones in the State

According to a campus carry group in Alabama, students are technically permitted to carry on public university campuses. If they’re caught, the school will expel them, but they’re not going to be imprisoned, because it’s not against the law. The universities have rules that must be followed as conditions of attendance. But one Alabama representative wants to eliminate these gun-free zones. Private universities would still be able to make whatever rules they want on firearms, but public universities Read more […]

Ohio Legislator Calls Concealed Carry Supporters “Lunatics”

Following a mass shooting, liberals always want to focus on the guns. They want to talk about how if there had been more laws regulating the access to guns, the mass shooting could have been averted. Of course, not to come across as cold-hearted, they have to pay lip service to the victims too, but their focus is always on guns. On the other side of the debate, you have people calling for less restrictive gun laws and encouraging law-abiding citizens to arm themselves and train how to use firearms. Read more […]

Armed Crook Shot and Killed by Armed Victim

You might find a great deal on Craigslist, but when you meet up with the seller, bring a gun with you. You never can be too careful when dealing with complete strangers. This South Carolina couple probably won’t be doing any Craigslist shopping for a while after their meet-up with the seller turned deadly. The couple arrived to purchase a car, and the two “sellers,” one of whom was armed, pulled a gun on them and demanded all their money. The wife pulled out her own gun and shot the man, Read more […]

Anti-Gun Students Carry Dildos on Campus in Protest of New Bill Allowing Concealed Carry

What better way to get back at those gun nuts than to carry around sex toys on campus? That’ll really show’em. Recently, Texas Governor Greg Abbot signed legislation allowing concealed carry on college campuses. Obviously, this has ruffled some feathers, to say the least. Some students at the University of Texas in Austin are protesting the decision, and to show their outrage, they’re bringing dildos on campus. I know, it’s a complete non sequitur, but they think it’s making some Read more […]

Anti-Gun Protestors Flip Out When Chicago Grocery Store Allows Concealed Carry

“Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.” – Robert A. Heinlein Protesters in suburban Chicago rallied against grocery store chain Mariano’s Tuesday because the store allows those with concealed carry permits to carry concealed guns in the store. Lee Goodman, whom I can only presume is the village idiot, told reporters: “It’s very well-known—and there are lots of studies to prove it—that the more guns there are in public, the more people who will get shot. Mariano’s does not Read more […]

Report: Concealed Carry Permits Up; Murder Rate Down

Here’s a stat you likely won’t hear about in the national media, mainly because it corroborates the idea that more guns equals less crime. Concealed carry permits are on the rise, and the murder rate in the U.S. is declining. Liberals of course would be quick to point out that a correlation does not imply causation. Funny that they’d say that when they push manmade global warming in spite of the fact that rising carbon emissions don’t even correlate with rising global temperatures. It’s Read more […]

Convenience Store Clerk Shoots, Kills 2 Armed Robbers

Here’s another story you likely won’t hear about in the national media, mainly because it involves the use of guns in a self-defensive manner to kill a couple of armed crooks. The media have to be careful with which stories they give air time to. They wouldn’t want their viewers to get the wrong idea about guns. The only stories the national media care about are mass shootings committed by a white guy, or cases where a black guy got beat up or killed by a non-black guy. All other cases are Read more […]

Kansas Enacts Law Allowing Concealed Carry without Permit; Man Uses it Against 2 Armed Robbers

Some conservatives like to quip, “The 2nd Amendment is my permit.” I think even that isn’t true. Remember, the Constitution doesn’t grant us rights. The whole idea was that these were God-given rights and that the government couldn’t take them away or give them. The Bill of Rights were written acknowledgments of these rights with explicit restrictions placed on the government, not the people. A couple weeks ago, Kansas started allowing people to carry concealed guns without a permit. Read more […]

Video: Black Man Shoots White Thug Who Attacked Him

It was earlier this year in January that this episode unfolded at a Florida Waffle House. But the surveillance video was just recently released showing that the black customer in question acted purely in self-defense against a group of four unruly and aggressive white thugs. One in particular charged at him, leaving him with no other option than to use his handgun against him. After being shot, the white guy and the rest of his group of friends bolted out the restaurant and fled in their SUV. Read more […]

Concealed Carrier Saves Elderly Man From Being Beaten

Thanks to a Kroger shopper who also carried a concealed firearm, an elderly man was saved from being beaten. All the shopper had to do was draw his weapon, and the attackers decided to leave. The concealed carrier and shopper identified as Gene said he had just come out of the grocery store and was about to put his bags in the car when he noticed an older guy getting beat up with about seven other guys standing around him. The Blaze reported: Leaving an Arkansas grocery store Wednesday night, Read more […]

Grandma to Armed Robber: “Back Off, Or I’ll Blow Your Head Off”

With those words, the armed robber quietly backed off and walked away. I’m sure he thought he had found the perfect victim. Jewell Turner is a 74-year-old grandmother. The man approached this Fort Worth, Texas woman, asking for directions as she was waiting in her car outside the doctor’s office. When she tried helping the guy get to where he needed, he stuck a knife to her throat and told her that he didn’t want to have to hurt her, but that he would if she didn’t give him all her money Read more […]