Meteorologists Apologize for Northeast Blizzard Predictions

Meteorologists often get it wrong. After all, they’re only human, and they base their predictions mostly on computer models. When it comes down to it, the weather is still unpredictable, even with the best technology. And like other fields involving predictions, the further off an event is that’s being forecast, the less likely it is to be true. Already commentators (here and here for starters) were blaming the “blizzard of the century” on global warming. It was supposed to hit the Northeast Read more […]

Reality vs. Computer Models: Global Warmists Still Hold Fast to their Fixed Ideology

It takes a considerable amount of faith to believe in global warming. Especially when it’s shown that most of the political, media and even some of the scientific establishment have to engage in begging the question so that they and their followers can maintain their self-delusion. So, all they have to do is to assume that they’re right about manmade global warming, and all of a sudden, the reason and cause behind every unfavorable thing in the world is global warming. And if it means ignoring Read more […]