Principal Tells Students to Suppress Desire to Win During Field Day

North Hill Elementary of Rochester Hills, MI, is having a literal field day in a couple weeks to celebrate the end of the school year. I remember when my elementary school had Field Day at the end of each school year. It was always a day of fun and competition and sunburns. I won some of the games and I lost others. Other times it was my team that won or lost, but I played a part of those victory or defeats. I didn’t feel bad about myself when I lost, but it drove me to be better in the next game. Read more […]

Good For Markets, Good For The Self: An Ode To Competition

Competition has an amazing effect on humans. One of the very first competitions (of sorts) was between Cain and Abel of the Book of Genesis. Cain lost that competition and, being the sore loser that he was, smashed his brother Abel’s skull. Humans are evil and can find any reason to exercise their evil wills, be it competition, as Abel learned, or money or power or whatever you can think of. Just because competition can lead to bad, however, does not make it bad. Money isn’t evil, nor power. What Read more […]