More Ridiculous Reasons Why Kids Are Being Sent Home From School

Over the past few years, we’ve heard a number of ridiculous reasons that kids have been sent home and often suspended from school. There have been far too many kids being sent home and usually suspended for playing like they have a gun. Pointing fingers, pencils or simply saying ‘pow’ or ‘bang’ has gotten many a student an early trip home. One girl was sent home and suspended for threatening to shoot another student with her toy Hello Kitty Bubble gun when they got home. One 13 year Read more […]

Conservatives Aren’t Opposed To Taxes, Just Nonsensical Ones

Liberals, while they’re busy trying to avoid paying taxes, get really upset if conservatives complain about paying taxes. But conservatives’ inability to really explain their policy on this issue (as with other issues) has led liberals to legitimately ask, “If there were no taxes, who would pay for the roads?” I say “legitimately” because conservatives rarely if ever explain their tax policies in a nuanced way. They speak in blanket statements. So of course liberals are going to ask stupid questions Read more […]

By Definition, Conservatism Cannot Be Extreme

Other than “racist,” “homophobe,” “Islamophobe,” “bigot,” and “sexist,” one of the media’s and the elected Democrats’ most preferred pejoratives for conservatives and Republicans is the word “extremist.” We are “radical,” we are “extreme,” we are wing-nuts on the outer fringes of society. One of the conservatives’ and Republicans’ most extreme policy positions, as the media insists to the public, are on abortion: we are against it. How extreme. There are unborn babies whose arms are being pulled Read more […]