Bush vs. Obama: Who’s the Better Commander in Chief, According to Vets of Iraq, Afghanistan?

Conservatives are not, I don’t think, exactly fans of President George W. Bush as a president, but they (and I) usually say they like him as a person. As a president, ol’ W. certainly was no true conservative. He campaigned on promises of conservatism, but once he got in office he shifted leftward and led like a moderate—probably how we can expect his nephew Jeb Bush to lead if Republicans are so imbecilic as to nominate him to be the candidate who goes up against Hillary Clinton in 2016. As Read more […]

Defense Spending and the Deluge of Rockets Over Israel: What It All Means

A fact that would surely send every liberal into a conniption fit had liberals any standards is that President Obama has increased Defense Department spending by more than ten percent, or $55.6 billion. This comes as a surprise even to me, and I’d bet to many other conservatives as well. But the numbers are there and numbers don’t lie. I’ll come back to this in a bit. Now what we have going on over in the Middle East, as you read this, is possibly what history books in thirty years will mark as Read more […]