Women Exempted from Forced Sexual Assault Seminars at University

Many folks were upset when Columbia University announced that they would be requiring students to take a sexual assault seminar as a condition to receive their diploma. Well, now they’ll probably be even more upset because Columbia’s companion school – which happens to be an all-girl’s school – will NOT be requiring their students to take the seminar because… Women don’t commit sexual assault. (Which is a TOTAL Crock…) Barnard College, the all-women companion school to Columbia University, Read more […]

College Forces Students to Attend Rape Workshop if they Want to Graduate

Whenever I talk to my friends about the spread of liberalism on college campuses, I usually get the great eye roll. Like I’ve just started the beginnings of another conservative tinfoil-behatted rambling… but the honest to goodness truth is that our Universities have become centers of liberal close-mindedness. Our schools are fostering radically liberal mindsets and those students who would attempt to resist the indoctrination are being forced to participate in ridiculous ventures like… “Rape Read more […]

University Administrator Calls Olympics-Themed Party “Racist” Because of Sombreros and Fake Mustaches

The party was hosted by a sorority at Columbia University. People came dressed in costumes that represented the different countries who participated in the Olympic games. The Daily Caller reported: The party was an equal-opportunity offender: Participants were allowed to dress up however they wanted. Some girls donned skimpy French maid outfits to represent France; others selected Japanese schoolgirl attire to represent Japan, according to The College Fix. Pictures of the party on social media Read more […]

Columbia University Feminists Teach Men A Lesson By . . . Making A Porno?

Of all the members of the Left—from anti-gun, LGBT, and abortion activists to faux-Libertarian Marxists, hippies, and a slimy slew of others—feminists have got to be the stupidest. And I mean truly stupid. Feminists reading this—you’re idiots. You’re total and complete imbeciles. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way—it’s been itching to come out today—let me explain why I say this. A group of female students from Columbia University and Barnard College decided to fight “the Read more […]