California Bans Campus Carry, Extends Gun Confiscation Powers in Same Day

Effective January 1st, California will prohibit students from carrying on university campuses. It was a little surprising to me that California of all places allowed campus carry, as long as the carrier had a concealed carry license. It was listed as an exemption in the law, but I’m sure gun control proponents considered it an unfortunate oversight. This “oversight” is now being corrected. There’s now a universal ban on campus carry, and there are no exceptions. Also effective January Read more […]

Black College Students Become Obese Because of White Racists

For whatever reason, this “study” done by a psychology professor didn’t cover any reasons that white students might put on weight during their college years. But according to this professor, black kids who put on weight during their time in college do so because of racism. Overeating fatty snacks is a way that blacks cope with racial attacks from others, which contributes to their gaining weight. This of course also leads to other health problems. The Daily Caller reported: The professor, Read more […]

Today, I Graduate College; Tomorrow, I Am Unemployed

It has taken me a long time, but I have finally realized what life is. Life is an accumulation of small moments: short conversations between friends, a glance that lasts just a second, and a billion minute pieces that, together, make up our decades long experience on this earth. The grand sum of all the parts is one memory that seems longer than it actually is. I graduate from college today, and I am both excited and scared. The “real world” has been knocking at my door, and I finally have to Read more […]