Misdirected Anger Over Coke’s Multilingual Super Bowl Ad

During the Super Bowl on Sunday, Coca-Cola officially hung up its hat as America’s soft drink. The 128-year-old company made a minute-long commercial featuring people of different races and nationalities singing “America the Beautiful” in their own respective languages. Naturally, conservatives have been complaining about the ad, even calling for a boycott of all Coke products. But they’re doing it for the wrong reasons. They believe it is offensive for that song to be sung in any language Read more […]

CEO: Only Socialism Can Save Water Supply

“Our” water resources are allegedly dwindling. The CEO of Coca-Cola wants us to take positive steps to fix this problem: “Businesses, governments, NGOs and civil society must come together and make the tough decisions and investments that will ensure plenty of water for all. This means protecting and caring for water sources as never before. It means improving existing water infrastructure and creating infrastructure where it doesn’t exist. It means making tough decisions on the best use Read more […]

The Food Police V. Coca-Cola

Whenever I’m at a loss for what to write about, I simply go online, read the news and see what makes me the most angry. My ire is generally a good yard stick to measure the legitimacy of a story. Today is one of those days. I took to the web, and saw a headline about Coca-Cola’s new advertising campaign aimed at broaching the issue of Americans’ expanding waistlines. I was immediately annoyed, but I wanted to reserve my rage, and give the article a fair shot. Well… According to the AP: “The Read more […]