Gini Coefficient in a Bottle: The Inequality Myth

The most commonly used marker for income inequality is called the Gini coefficient. Most leftists regularly refer to it when they make claims like “inequality is rising every year” or “the income gap is now worse than ever and getting even worse.” But what is the Gini coefficient, and why is it misleading? The Gini coefficient is a ratio of income distribution developed by an Italian statistician named Corrado Gini. A coefficient of zero means everyone has exactly the same income. A coefficient Read more […]

Obama: “The Wealthy Need To Pay a Little More” Do They?

Even worse fiscal news is pouring in, and it’s only the Saturday after the election. If this is the direction we are headed less than a week after the election, how much worse can it get? Well, in light of recent comments by Obama about taxing the “rich,” I’d like to talk about what taxing the wealthy really means. In response to his statements, stocks fell even further today, after modest gains on Friday morning. The stocks didn’t fall by a ton, but enough to know that his talks caused the decline. So, Read more […]