Video: Black Conservative Woman Tackles Takei’s Racism

Liberals love to talk about slavery as long as it casts them in a positive light and conservatives in a negative, racist light. What they don’t care to admit is that they are actually very much in favor of it. They just want to make sure they’re the masters. When they see a black person or other minority start to think for themselves, the usual insults emanate. They’re mocked and ridiculed, accused of “acting white,” called “Uncle Toms,” and all the rest. They get outraged, because Read more […]

George Takei Calls Clarence Thomas ‘A Clown in Blackface,’ Then Justifies it by Being Even More Racist

George Takei, well-known for his political outspokenness, opened a vein during an interview on a local Fox affiliate, calling Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas “a clown in blackface.” “He is a clown in blackface sitting on the Supreme Court. He gets me that angry. He doesn’t belong there. For him to say slaves had dignity–doesn’t he know that saves were in chain? That they were whipped on the back?…my parents lost everything…and we’re supposed to call that dignified? This man does not belong Read more […]

Has the Supreme Court Already Decided on Gay Marriage?

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas filed a dissenting opinion against the Supreme Court’s most recent ruling on gay marriage. He said the Supreme Court is acting like they have already made up their mind concerning the national future of gay marriage: Thomas filed a dissenting opinion after his colleagues rejected Alabama’s plea to put a hold on same-sex marriages in the state until the Supreme Court resolves the issue nationwide in a few months. He criticized his fellow justices for looking Read more […]

Apparently It’s Okay to Be Racist If You’re Black

After Clarence Thomas sided with the majority opinion in the Supreme Court over affirmative action, many voices in the black community called him an “Uncle Tom.” Included in that number were Mississippi Democrat Bennie Thompson. CNN’s Dana Bash caught up with him for an interview concerning his remarks, which were considered racist, and his response was indicative of the double standard over racist remarks that prevails in this country: Bash: When you said Clarence Thomas was an “Uncle Read more […]

Justice Clarence Thomas Says America is “Too Sensitive” About Race

During a speech to Palm Beach Atlantic University, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas made some insightful and balanced comments concerning race: My sadness is that we are probably today more race and difference-conscious than I was in the 1960s when I went to school. To my knowledge, I was the first black kid in Savannah, Georgia, to go to a white school. Rarely did the issue of race come up. . . . Now, name a day it doesn’t come up. Differences in race, differences in sex, somebody doesn’t Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Is Most Admired

“We live in a society obsessed with public opinion. But leadership has never been about popularity.” – Marco Rubio As a culture, we are obsessed with popularity. In every aspect of our lives, from birth to death, popularity is the key to success. At least, it seems to be. Elementary school through high school, it is the popular kids who are afforded all the opportunity. We are wired to crave popularity. But what does it really give us? Are we any better off popular? Does it affect our character? According Read more […]

Liberals Hate Clarence Thomas, But Can’t Tell You Why

Margaret Thatcher said: “I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.” Argumentation is a creature that requires one to be critically attentive; by which I mean: when trying to make a point, one must always have the sharpest blade. If one goes to cut with a dull foil, it may sting, or break the skin, but it will leave no lasting impression. It is always easy to Read more […]