Obama Anti-Rape Effort is Actually Recruiting Cover for Left Wing Group

President Obama and Vice President Biden announced a new administration initiative to combat rape and sexual assault on college campuses Friday. While the campaign urges public participation, those who decide to sign on will forward their information to a liberal think tank. The campaign, dubbed “It’s On Us,” is being conducted in collaboration with over 200 universities around the country, as well as groups such as the NCAA and even the video game company Electronic Arts. Celebrities are Read more […]

Police Demand Apology from Obama Administration

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is demanding an apology from Attorney General Eric Holder for smearing America’s police… “I think that some of the officials in Missouri like Governor Nixon, Senator McCaskill, and even the Attorney General of the United States made some irresponsible, inflammatory statements during this time which didn’t help the situation, insinuating that our law enforcement officers across the United States engage in some nefarious or systematic and cultural Read more […]

The Boston Bomber Reaction: Making All Murder Terrorism

Right now, at the time I write this, there are claims that there is evidence that there is an up-to-twelve-person “sleeper cell” behind the attack of the “Boston bombers.” If so, I’ll have to change my opinion. But, while I never believed this was a “right wing” attack, it always widely said to resemble a domestic or “home grown” one. Up until now we were told that the directions on how to make a pressure cooker bomb were commonly available. I have a hard time now believing that Read more […]