Will Congress Finally Kill the Government’s Immoral Use of Civil Asset Forfeiture

Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu and GOP Rep. Justin Amash just teamed up Wednesday to introduce a bill into the House with the goal of eliminating the Drug Enforcement Administration’s controversial marijuana enforcement program. The DEA uses the Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Program to fund law enforcement agencies across the country, with the caveat that the money is earmarked for destroying cannabis cultivation sites. What Lieu and Amash’s bill does is block any federal funds from Read more […]

The Absurd “Dog-Authorized” Civil Forfeiture Case Reversed by Honest Judge

Civil forfeiture laws look a whole lot like legalized highway robbery. Because that’s basically what they are. And because of the fact that they constitute basically free money for federal and state governments, it’s highly unlikely for civil forfeitures to be overturned in court. But occasionally it happens. Take the recent, mind-numbing case of Straughn Gorman and his RV full of cash. Mr. Gorman was driving near Elko, Nevada when a state trooper, Greg Monroe, pulled him over for driving Read more […]

A Win for Freedom! New Mexico Passes Bill to Abolish Civil Asset Forfeiture

The state of New Mexico is moving forward to right one of the greatest wrongs in our legal system. New Mexico may soon be abolishing the despicable practice of civil asset forfeiture. Civil Asset Forfeiture is one of the most disgusting legal practices that our generally good local government, and police all seem to take part. If you’re not sure what civil asset forfeiture is, then please take a few minutes to watch this very informational but also very funny primer on the subject by HBO comedian Read more […]

Will Michigan Police be Forced to Stop Stealing from Cancer Patients?

Recent reports revealed that Michigan police are seizing citizens’ property more than almost anywhere else, but a U.S. Congressman from the seizure-plagued state is trying to change things. Michigan police seized more than $24 million from Michiganders in 2013, often without charging or convicting them of a crime, reports The Detroit Free Press. This is among the worst in the nation. Civil asset forfeiture is a practice where police can seize your property if they believe it is related Read more […]

Colorado Cops Steal $25,000 in Cash From Couple During Routine Traffic Stop

They were a couple from South Dakota driving through Parker, Colorado on vacation. Dion Anderson had just won a settlement of about $28,000, which his attorney confirmed and communicated to the bank so that his settlement check could be cashed. Anderson never had a checking account to park money money, and he and his girlfriend Margaret McKinney wanted to take the cash with them to Colorado so that they could keep it safe. They feared that if they left it at their apartment, it would get stolen or Read more […]

Forfeiture Laws: IRS Can Seize Your Accounts Without Any Criminal Charge

A relatively recent policy update to civil asset forfeiture laws has given the IRS and other law enforcement agencies a new cash cow. Because now they can seize your accounts even without criminal charges or criminal connections: But the Institute for Justice, a Washington-based public interest law firm that is seeking to reform civil forfeiture practices, analyzed structuring data from the I.R.S., which made 639 seizures in 2012, up from 114 in 2005. Only one in five was prosecuted as a criminal Read more […]

Former Sheriff Who Pushed for Civil Forfeiture Ordinance Now the Target of Civil Forfeiture; Doesn’t Agree With the Law Anymore

The idea behind asset forfeiture is if someone was using a piece of property to carry out a crime, that piece of property is subject to seizure. For example, law enforcement could seize a car that was used to transport illegal drugs, sell it and keep the proceeds. I was behind a cop SUV not too long ago that had a bumper sticker on the back that read:  “This car paid for with drug money.” The drug money was seized under asset forfeiture. According to a New Mexico DWI lawyer’s website: If Read more […]

Tennessee Legislature Set To Talk About Police Piracy Of Motorists

After two years of horrifying news stories and investigative reporting on the part of News Channel 5, Tennessee lawyers are ready to discuss limiting the easy way that “law enforcement” personnel are encouraged to take money away from travelers to use in their own departments. News 5 reports on the current system: “A prime example, Rich said, is the New Jersey man who had $22,000 cash taken from him during a traffic stop. An officer took George Reby’s money based on his suspicion that it Read more […]