Hypocrites! Democrats Get Biggest Donations from Corporations!

After the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling, Democrats predicted a flood of corporate political donations to Republican candidates, but that doesn’t seem to be what’s happening. Before the decision was even handed down, New Jersey Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez told The New York Times, “Clearly, the Republican Party overwhelmingly would benefit,” while other Democrats talked of a “legislative response” to the perceived threat. The ruling applied equally to corporations Read more […]

Google Ramping Up Political Donations

There is no denying it—in our day, corporations are people. That was the argument that protected Hobby Lobby from obeying the contraception mandate of Obamacare. And it’s also the reason why corporations like Google are allowed to give as much as they want to political candidates under free speech laws: Google’s political action committee, NetPAC, has spent more money on political campaigns this year than Goldman [Sachs], at $1.43m, just edging out the $1.4m by the bank that is famous for Read more […]

Senate Rejects Amendment to “Fix” Citizens United

Citizens United vs. FEC has become the benchmark case for campaign finance. In it, the Supreme Court said that political ads were protected under free speech rights and should not be limited by campaign contribution laws. As a result, indirect campaign spending through Political Action Committees has been largely unchecked, and mega-donors have been the major players in campaign finance ever since. In an effort to fix the law and (allegedly) rein in campaign spending, Senate Democrats tried to Read more […]

The Lowdown on Citizens United and Campaign Contributions

In 2010, a court case known as Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission changed the structure of campaign financing in a big way. At first, my impression was that it removed all limits from corporate spending on a particular candidate. It didn’t. Not exactly anyway. What it did explicitly was make it so a corporation’s advertisements for a particular candidate are now protected under the First Amendment. If this doesn’t seem like a big deal, believe me, it is. This means that corporate Read more […]

D’Souza Indicted for Campaign Finance Fraud

Dinesh D’Souza, popular author and the film-maker responsible for 2016: Obama’s America, has been arrested and indicted for campaign finance fraud. Apparently, he gave four times more than the $5,000 individual cap to Republican Wendy Long. She was running to replace Senator Hillary Clinton’s vacated seat in 2012. And Long ended up losing to Kirsten Gillibrand anyway. D’Souza allegedly attempted to give his contribution in the names of others to hide his excesses. But the ever-vigilant Read more […]

What They Call Capitalism Isn’t Capitalism At All

When most leftists and liberals decry the current American system, they talk about income inequality, corporate welfare, big business lobbying, and the like. They tend to call these things “the evils of capitalism” or something similar. Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that leftists and liberals are wrong to call these things capitalism. The bad news is that leftists and liberals are right to call these things wrong. America has become corporatist rather than capitalist. Read more […]