Cop Shoots Driver in the Head for Trying to Drive Away from Traffic Stop

When a “cop shoots driver” story involves a white police officer and a black victim, it becomes a national story. A Cincinnati cop pulled a man over for not having a tag on the front of his car. The cop happened to be white, and the driver happened to be black. If the races had been reversed, this incident would’ve remained a local story. It’s hard to judge exactly what happened just by watching the cop’s body cam, but it doesn’t look like the driver did anything to warrant getting Read more […]

Not a Hate Crime: White Guy Gets Beaten Unconscious by Mob of Blacks

This is yet another case of political hypocrisy. We all know how police officials and the media react when a black person gets beaten or killed by a mob of white people. Regardless of whether or not there was evidence of racism in the assault, everyone assumes that it must have been racially motivated. When the roles are reversed, and the victim is white, and the attackers are black, it doesn’t matter what evidence is there to show that the attack was racially motivated, it’s automatically Read more […]

Poll Worker Imprisoned for Voter Fraud Honored by Local Democrats upon Early Release

I live in northern Kentucky, about 20 minutes south of Cincinnati.  Consequently, all of our local news is from Cincinnati.  We hear all about Ohio politics, their very own Speaker of the House John Boehner and how great the Democrats are.  The city of Cincinnati has been run by liberal Democrats long before I moved into the area in 1996.  Whenever President George Bush or candidate Mitt Romney came to town, all you heard about on the news was how disruptive their visits are to local traffic.  Read more […]

Democratic Leadership Responsible for Poorest Cities in U.S.

I’ve found numerous sites that have different lists of the poorest cities in the U.S.  Some use median income as their standard and others use unemployment rate.  However, there was one list that I found on a couple different websites that listed the top 10 poorest big cities in America based on the percentage of people living below the poverty level.  Here is the list they gave: Detroit, MI – 32.5% Buffalo, NY – 29.9% Cincinnati, OH – 27.8% Cleveland, OH – 27% Miami, FL Read more […]