The Way This Pastor Prevented a Mass Shooting Might Surprise You

It was during the New Year’s Eve service just before midnight at a Fayetteville, North Carolina church that a man walked in with an unloaded semi-automatic rifle in one hand and a loaded magazine in the other. Incidentally, the pastor of the church had just been talking to his congregation about violence, particularly violence and mass shootings against churches in the recent past. While the loaded magazine was not attached to the rifle, the pastor was concerned that there might be a round in Read more […]

Waning Blue Laws and the Changing Church

The church’s place in American society is changing. A recent AP article declared that the church’s influence in the once Christian-dominated Bible Belt has greatly eroded in recent years. But I take some issue with this declaration. The metric for the church’s influence was largely based on blue laws: you know, the laws that keep people from buying alcohol (especially on Sunday). But was that influence really Christian? Baptist, perhaps. Fundamentalist, for sure. But Christian? The Bible Read more […]

City Presses Criminal Charges Against Church for Pro-Life Signs

City officials threatened a Virginia church with misdemeanor charges for having pro-life signs on their own property. Who needs ISIS when you’ve got government bureaucrats? Some people think the 1st Amendment is about protecting popular and politically correct speech. But such things don’t need protection. The 1st Amendment has to do with protecting controversial speech. The issue of abortion is obviously controversial, but because murdering unborn babies is socially and culturally acceptable, Read more […]

Church Failure Led to Obama Re-Election

In colonial America, virtually all news was disseminated from the pulpits of churches throughout the colonies.  Besides being a place to worship God, churches were the only real town meeting center and it was the role of the pastor to keep his flock informed. When it came time to rebel against the British, the announcements were made from the pulpits.  The call to arms was not only considered to be a civic duty but a religious one as well.  Many a pastor also picked up his rifle and went to Read more […]

Obama v. Church: Who Will Win?

Now that Barack Obama has won re-election and the Republicans failed to gain control of the Senate, Obamacare is here to stay.  And it may usher in one of the greatest and costliest battles in our nation’s history – Barack Obama v. Church. When I think of the costliest battles upon our own soil, the Revolutionary and Civil Wars top the list.  In both of these battles, thousands have lost their lives and thousands more were maimed and left destitute.  In the ensuing battle that is right Read more […]