Hillary Clinton’s New Campaign Approach: “I’m for Whatever You’re For”!

Ouch. Atlantic Magazine’s Molly Ball hit the nail on the proverbial head Sunday morning during an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press when she told host Chuck Todd that Hillary Clinton’s political identity is “I’m for whatever you’re for.” Her stinging comments likely tell too much truth for the Clinton campaign liking… but if Ball’s words ring true, it’s because they are. Hillary Clinton is the ultimate example of the hated modern day politician. She is a pathological liar, Read more […]

Chris Christie on Why Americans Hate the Congressional GOP

Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) made a very good argument on NBC’s Meet the Press for why conservative voters hate the GOP and why they are willing to support unconventional candidates like Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson. Chuck Todd: Let me start with… something you said: “We have no choice but to work together.”  And it seems to be a message that isn’t resonating right now with Republican primary voters, who aren’t interested in compromise and coming together. They are interested in, Read more […]

Fail: NBC Airs “Moving” Gun Violence Video Featuring Only Black Murderers

This is slightly baffling. What I would have expected to see in this “moving” gun violence video was either confessions and statements of regret from only white murderers in prison, or those of imprisoned convicts of an equal array of races. NBC decided to do a short special where convicted murderers were interviewed about what they did. The focus wasn’t so much on their acts of murder; it was on the fact that they used guns. And all those who were interviewed were black. Were these Read more […]

MSNBC Chastises Rand Paul for Getting “Testy” With Women Interviewers

Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell with MSNBC were fussing over Rand Paul’s apparent tendency to get “testy” with liberal women interviewers. After Senator Paul made his big announcement, he went on the Today show with co-host Savannah Guthrie. As is the wont of talking heads these days, Guthrie went ahead and gave Rand Paul his opinion for him, something Rand called “editorializing.” And of course, MSNBC isn’t happy with Rand for “treating” Guthrie this way. Oh, boo hoo. Read more […]

Bob Woodward says the White House has “No Strategy” on ISIS

Just this past Friday NBC’s Chuck Todd made an appearance on MSNBC with Jose Diaz-Balart where they discussed the Obama administration’s Foreign Policy strategy… or better… the lack of a Foreign Policy strategy. Todd told Diaz-Balart that the Obama administration was shockingly without a strategy when it came to the goings-on overseas.     Well, journalist Bob Woodward – of Watergate Fame – continued that theme this Sunday on Fox News with Chris Wallace. Woodward Read more […]

Money Man Jim Cramer says Chris Christie has the Best Fundraiser!

If money is what matters most in politics, then CNBC money guru Jim Cramer says that Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) has the inside track to the White House! Cramer was speaking to NBC’s Chuck Todd about the state of the race when Cramer brought up the fact that Christie may be best positioned to start bringing in the big bucks, thanks to his relationship with Home Depot founder, key fundraiser and political impresario, Ken Langone.     Jim Cramer: There are some Christie Read more […]

Charlie Hebdo Editor – When You Blur our Cartoon, You “Blur Out Democracy”

The newly minted Editor-in-Chief at Charlie Hebdo – the French satirical magazine that was recently attacked by Islamic terrorists, resulting in the death of 12 innocent Parisians – was on NBC’s Meet the Press with Chuck Todd on Sunday to discuss terrorism, freedom of expression and more. When Todd asked the new editor, Gerard Briard, what he thought about the decision of many America news outlets to blur the cover of their magazine, Briard responded perfectly to the prudish American media. “Écoutez, Read more […]

Chuck Todd says Republicans are Not Intimidated by Hillary Clinton

Chuck Todd was on MSNBC where he let loose with a nice little nugget that should please Republican voters… apparently, the GOP is not “intimidated” by Hillary Clinton. It’s nice to see Todd recognize that while the left may fawn all over the Clinton family circus, the GOP is not buying the hype. The only thing that I think Todd gets wrong here is his belief that Clinton’s rough summer is the reason the GOP isn’t intimidated. I think the reality is that there was never really any reason for us Read more […]

Police Commissioner says NYPD has shown “Remarkable Restraint”

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton was on NBC’s Meet the Press with Chuck Todd on Sunday where he defended his officers and their reaction to the recent events in New York City. “The common ground here is really to, one, as we’ve been doing in New York, is to deal with the demonstrations in a way so that they don’t turn into police riots, to allow some breathing room in the sense that we’re allowing people to demonstrate, to vent, and at the same time, showing, on the part of the police, remarkable Read more […]

NBC Wonders if Political Satire is Making us Cynical

On NBC’s Meet the Press this past Sunday morning, Chuck Todd and a panel of “experts” wondered if political satire was making Americans more cynical of politics. During the conversation, comedian Lewis Black pointed out that our modern news media and politics were living on the corner “where satire and reality intersect” which makes it more difficult to be able to see the line between the two. Read more […]

Conservative Makes Liberals Mad with his Comments on Ferguson!

Rich Lowry did something surprising on national television and made all of his fellow guests very angry by simply stating a bit of truth. Watch as liberals heads explode… Chuck Todd: You know, Rich, what’s interesting when you look at whites, whites that live in urban communities believe that we still have a race problem in this country. Whites that live in more rural, basically whiter communities, they don’t see the race issue. Do you think that’s part of our divide? That maybe rural whites Read more […]

Kentucky Democrat Seems Confused – Says She Won’t Let Chuck Todd Bully Her

Alison Lundergan Grimes (D-KY) is working hard to be the next Senator from Kentucky but she doesn’t seem to understand that… Case in point, she thinks that Chuck Todd is somehow against her and her cause.   “Kentucky is ready for a senator that’s an independent thinker, that can put the partisanship aside and actually fight for the people for this state. One that won’t be bullied by Mitch McConnell or Chuck Todd.” Grimes is still smarting over the lumps she took Read more […]