Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer will Oppose the Iran Deal!

President Obama just lost the most important Democrat voice in Congress on the Iran Deal. Democrat leader, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), has announced that he will be opposing the Iran deal because there are just too many “holes” in it. First, let me say this. This was one of the most difficult decisions that I had to make. I studied it long and hard, read the agreement a whole bunch of times, had many, many, many meetings and interviews with people on both sides, including three classified briefings Read more […]

Economists tell the GOP to Go BIG on Tax Reform

If Republicans want to reform the tax code, they need to take a bold and sweeping approach, Cato Institute senior fellow Dan Mitchell said Tuesday. “People like a bold plan, because they assume that the current system is riddled with corruption,” he said at a Heritage Foundation event on tax reform. In the 1980s and’ 90s, when there was talk of a flat tax, a bunch of politicians came up with modest or incremental reforms to the system — carving out deals for special interest groups Read more […]

Chuck Schumer Rails Against the “Evil” Koch Brothers but Gladly Takes Their Money

What happens when liberals in the media and political establishment find out that the CEO of a company donated $1,000 to a pro-marriage cause way back in 2008? The guy gets “exposed” for his bigoted, homophobic views and is forced to resign. What happens when a politician accepts money from the evil Koch brothers? Well, the media usually react the same way in “exposing” said politician for being a Koch addict/puppet. Unless of course the recipient of that Koch money happens to be a Read more […]

Chuck Schumer Calls Tea Party Racist…Again

“Yes, things have changed. White Anglo-Saxon men are not exclusively running the country anymore…President Obama lost the white male vote 35 to 62 percent yet he recaptured the presidency – by 5 million votes and a resounding electoral college margin…[explain] why so many on the right vehemently opposed the Senate immigration bill…In a pre-tea party world, the Senate immigration bill would have been welcomed by House Republicans…However, the tea party rank and file know it’s a different Read more […]

Democrat Admits To Obamacare Scam

I don’t know that our country will ever be held in the hands of an honest person. There are certainly those who seem to be honest; and there are those who pretend to be honest; but I’m not sure there is any one politician whom I would trust wholeheartedly. That being said, there are politicians who are more deeply dishonest than others. One of the biggest problems we face as a country came about because of dishonesty. That problem is Obamacare. Obamacare is one big, rotting lie; told to Americans Read more […]

Backstabbing Schumer Negotiates “Immigrant Prevailing Wage” To Solve His Immigration Failures

Democrat Senator, Chuck Schumer of New York, has over 30 years of sleazy experience in the art of political espionage. Schumer has a well documented history of voting to weaken immigration laws and contributing to the explosion of illegal immigration and drug trafficking crime plaguing America today. Yet once again, he wants Americans, and his naïve Senate colleagues, to take him at his word that this time he is going to get it right and honor his commitments. Let us take a gander at Senator Read more […]

Why aren’t we talking about a Campaign Finance Ban?

Government corruption is at an all-time high. Political patronage and government gridlock is slowly but surely chipping away at our nation’s fragile foundation. The U.S. Constitution is under attack and our alleged representative government continues to ignore the will of the average citizen victimized by decades of contaminated ideals and morals. So why isn’t America discussing a solution to our out of control government by reducing money’s influence on our elected representatives? How is Read more […]