Liberal Calls Chris Kyle A Racist Mass-Murderer

A Morning Joe guest gets smacked with facts when he attacks Chris Kyle. “The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words.” – Phillip K. Dick There is more power inside a single word than inside an entire armory. Words are used for communication, and as such, they are a tool–the use of which gets us what we need. If a teenager wants to go to a party that her parents wouldn’t approve of, she will use ambiguity, and language manipulation to convince her parents that the Read more […]

Ron Paul Mocks Dead Sniper

When the Ron Paul story first broke, I had no intention of writing anything about it, because first of all, I had no idea what to write. I read Ron Paul’s Tweet; thought it was deplorable; then went on with my day. But then, the story continued. Following justifiable public outrage, Ron Paul Tweeted again. This time, I couldn’t let it go. Following the point blank shooting and murder of the most prolific American sniper, Chris Kyle, Ron Paul issued his statement on the tragedy. He Tweeted: “Chris Read more […]