Surprise! Liberal Blames George W. Bush for Ebola Fears

On All In with Christ Hayes liberal journalist Charles Pierce gave the standard Democrat response for any problems that ever occur… It was all George W. Bush’s fault. CHRIS HAYES, host: There’s some scary stuff out there. ISIS, monstrous and scary. Ebola, scary, doing horrible things to people in West Africa. Killed someone here. It’s understandable. These are genuinely scary things, but the magnitude with which they are interpreted makes me think there is something about the American Read more […]

MSNBC Host Gets “Stoned” Live on TV

MSNBC Reporter Chris Hayes was physically attacked on Monday night when rioters in Ferguson, Missouri pelted him with rocks and various other objects. HAYES: “People are throwing rocks at us” RIOTER: “Y’all tell the true story!” CRAIG MELVIN: “We ARE telling the true story!” RIOTER: “Tell the true story!” HAYES: “People are angry, man… they’re really angry.” RIOTER: “Tell them what’s really goin’ on!” HAYES: “We’re trying to…  (To audience)  A few Read more […]