Liberals Use The Word “Choice” To Make Murder Sound Cool!

Life is one long sequence of innumerable choices, linked together by the results of those choices. With every decision we make, we are denying dozens of other possible options. Generally, that’s not a problem. Our daily choices don’t usually have negative repercussions. The word “choice” has become such a common part of our vernacular that we don’t even notice when it is being used against us. Of course I’m talking about “choice” in terms of politics, more specifically, abortion. The Read more […]

Liberals Taking Away the Freedom of Choice from Employees

There has been much hubbub, brouhaha, and yes, even some ballyhoo over Michigan’s recent passage of right-to-work (RTW) legislation, which prohibits unions from forcing the joining of a union as a requirement to work. In other words, the legislation takes a good step away from the fascism that liberals hold so dear. This is where the aforementioned hoopla comes into play. Union members, more commonly and accurately referred to as goons or thugs, protested on Tuesday the bill that was to be Read more […]