Chipotle Runs “Homo” Ad Campaign

Chipotle is “taking a stand” and celebrating the Supreme Court’s opinion that homosexual marriage should be allowed all across the country, regardless of what individual states decided based on their own respective majority votes. They’re of course not actually taking a stand. They’re riding a wave. It’s a marketing campaign. And Chipotle reasoned that if they’re going to try to reach out to the homosexual community and get their business and the business of other supporters, they’ve Read more […]

Gun-Free Zone Restaurant Robbed … at Gunpoint

Leftists think we’re crazy because of our view on guns. They think a gun-free world is the only safe world. And they would be right if everyone were good. It just turns out they’re not. Good. Or right. In recent news, Chipotle has said it won’t allow people to carry guns into their stores. This is probably in response to recent laws in Georgia allowing open carry pretty much anywhere. But, also in recent news, is the story of a North Carolina restaurant that had gone Chipotle on guns, and Read more […]

Chipotle Moves to Become a Gun-Free Zone

It’s not personal. It’s just business. They’re not making a political statement. (Well, maybe they are.) They’re not trying to alienate any particular group of people. They’re a business, and like any other, they try to make as much money as they can. Customers coming in with semi-automatic rifles on their shoulders obviously makes some other customers uncomfortable. Chipotle doesn’t want those customers leaving on account of those gun toters. But they also don’t want to make Read more […]

Chipotle Will Still Serve Guacamole … in Spite of Climate Change

Talk about a tempest in a tea cup. Chipotle, the hip “fast food” joint that caters to the skinny jeans and tasteful nose ring crowd, put out a guacamole crisis warning a little while ago. Apparently, Chipotle thought everyone needed to know that guacamole might be dropped from their restaurants because of … climate change. Avocados are smaller than average apparently, and becoming more rare—which makes them more expensive. Or some similar garbage. I guess global warming cooling climate Read more […]

Faltering McDonald’s a Sign of Struggling Lower Classes

McDonald’s is struggling. According to CEO Don Thompson, they have “lost some of their customer relevance.” By the numbers, McDonald’s had a two percent global reduction in traffic for 2013, and, for a company that does the kind of business it does, that’s a huge amount. So what’s the problem? Thompson offered two main explanations: First, customers willing to spend a little extra are gravitating toward what they feel are healthier or fresher alternatives. McDonald’s has attempted Read more […]