Apparently strippers at Funerals is a ‘Thing’ in China and the Government Doesn’t Like it

Even in death Chinese citizens can’t get away from their oppressive government. Apparently strippers at Funerals is a ‘Thing’ in China and the Government Doesn’t Like it so they’ve begun moving to try to enforce a stripper ban. See liberals this is what happens when you let big government run amok, even when you’re dead the government wants to micromanage things…   The tradition of hiring strippers to perform at funerals in China has captured the Internet’s attention, which means Read more […]

China Overtakes US as World’s Largest Economy?

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), China has just overtaken the US as the world’s largest economy. Of course, this is not in terms of overall GDP, yet. It’s in terms of purchasing power. As an article in Forbes explains: The simple logic is that prices aren’t the same in each country: A shirt will cost you less in Shanghai than in San Francisco, so it’s not entirely reasonable to compare countries without taking this into account. Though a typical person in China earns Read more […]

China thinks it Can Beat the USA in War

China sure has a lot of people. The USA is the 3rd largest country (by population) in the world – but China’s numbers are so overwhelming that their population dwarfs our own. There are over 1 billion people living in China and just over 300 thousand of us here. That’s about where the military advantages cease for China… but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot of confidence in their military might. Check out the Latest Article from the Week…   The bad news first. Read more […]

Is China Set to Be the World’s Greatest Christian Nation?

According to an article in the Telegraph, China is on schedule to comprise the globe’s largest population of Christians within fifteen years: “By my calculations China is destined to become the largest Christian country in the world very soon,” said Fenggang Yang, a professor of sociology at Purdue University and author of Religion in China: Survival and Revival under Communist Rule. “It is going to be less than a generation. Not many people are prepared for this dramatic change.”   China’s Read more […]

Bloomberg Kowtowing to Chinese Empire

When the West first came in contact with China, the British ambassador Macartney (no relation that I know of to the bass-playing Liverpudlian) refused to kowtow to the Emperor of China. Though the Emperor considered Britain just another potential tributary state, Macartney saw the situation quite differently. A few years later, China was carved up like a melon by Western powers, and thus ensued what the Chinese now refer to as “the century of national humiliation.” This century ended in 1949 Read more […]

XinHua, China’s Official News Agency, Blasts NSA Spying

This is rich. First, Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent, scolded Obama and America for its interventionist imperialism in Syria. That in itself would have been bad enough. But now, the official (i.e., state-controlled) news agency for China, XinHua, has joined in the chorus of foreign powers who take umbrage at America’s indiscriminate surveillance dragnet. In a delightfully colorful report, XinHua pointed out that the NSA’s recently uncovered habit of tapping into the phone lines of its purported Read more […]

Has GM Used Taxpayer Dollars To Send Jobs Overseas?

Barack Obama and Joe Biden repeatedly told the American public that Romney helped send American jobs overseas.  Biden said it so often that it sounded like a broken record or a looped sound bite, mindlessly playing the same thing over and over and over again until everyone is sick and tired of hearing it.  They said it so often that millions of gullible voters began believing them and voted for Obama. If the current rumors are true, I wonder how Obama and Biden would justify their part in doing Read more […]

Is Snowden Accelerating The End Of American Empire?

When the news about Snowden first broke, I thought it was simply a domestic matter. The NSA was spying on all Americans with no due process as spelled out in our Constitution but keeping it secret so that no one could take the government to court. By secrecy laws, the US government was essentially outside the realm of Constitutional authority. Of course, it was more than that: the news media also mentioned that the NSA was also hacking into China’s internet, so there are international implications Read more […]

State Department Invites China To Invest In U.S. Infrastructure Projects

These days the only “shovel ready” project in America is the BS clean-up needed in Washington. Last week, President Obama’s Secretary of State, John Kerry, was busy meeting with Chinese government representatives to promote US recommendations for China’s investment in U.S. infrastructure projects.  John Kerry is now touting Chinese investment in US infrastructure as a “win, win, win” for the growing Obama economy and a recovering US labor force. While Kerry was busy begging for Chinese Read more […]

Obama Protects Environment; Disregards Human Life defines “incongruity” as: “Not harmonious in character; inconsonant; lacking harmony of parts; inconsistent.” Our lives are filled with incongruity. We may slightly alter the manner in which we behave depending on the people around us; we may say one thing, and mean another; sometimes, we even deliberately lie when we know the truth to be the opposite of what we’re saying. Human beings are a fractured species; and that is simply what we are. But there is a point at which incongruity Read more […]

Treasury Department May Grant Chinese Businessmen Espionage Waiver

The Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS) headed by departing U.S. Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, is currently reviewing the sale of a U.S. technology corporation, A123 Systems, to a Chinese multi-millionaire with historical loyalties to the Chinese Communist Party. If the sale is approved, Wanxiang Group stewarded by Lu Guanqiu, reportedly the third richest man in the National People’s Congress, will take control of A123 Systems and all of its sensitive U.S. defense and utility grid contracts. Read more […]

Do You Want To Learn Spanish Or Chinese?

Many, many years ago I decided to make a bumper sticker using the title of this article. You see, I suspected not many people understood or bothered to consider the future ramifications of illegal immigration and the Chinese government’s financial influences in America industry and politics. Sadly, I was correct as I just got a lot of weird looks from people. It’s pretty common. The outcome of the 2012 Presidential election has served to warn America of coming trouble, yet most Americans haven’t Read more […]