Guess Which “Threatening” Hand Gesture This 5-Year-Old Made To Earn Himself A Suspension

Something magical and menacing must happen when a person fashions his fingers into the shape of a handgun. All of a sudden, no matter how young the person is, that hand becomes a lethal force and can cause significant emotional and psychological trauma for those poor, young, unfortunate souls who happen to witness the hand gesture. And not to mention all those physically injured by all the imaginary bullets. It was on the playground at school when the “incident” happened. And it was for this Read more […]

Liberals Call For Censorship Of Child’s Innocence On Jimmy Kimmel

There was a protest of reportedly over 1,000 people at ABC’s headquarters in Burbank, CA, on Friday over a Jimmy Kimmel segment that aired almost a month ago in which Kimmel has a discussion with a group of children about the United States’ $1.3-trillion debt. Except the protesters weren’t exactly protesting the segment itself, but one particular child who, in his innocence, said something supposedly offensive. Kimmel asked the table of who look like 7-year-olds how America should handle its Read more […]