Child Protective Services Attacking Parents for Letting Kids Walk Home

When you were a kid, would anyone have thought that your parents were neglecting you by “letting” you walk home from school? My guess is, that that’s just the way it was. Everyone walked. You felt safe and didn’t even think so much about the risks, because fear wasn’t something that was constantly being shoved down your throat by the media. These days, statistically speaking, things are safer today than they were fifty years ago. Yes, terrible things happen, but the difference is that Read more […]

CPS to Mother: Don’t Let Your Kids Play Outside

Kari Anne Roy did something unspeakably evil to her six-year-old boy. I can hardly contain my revulsion as I write about her abusive behavior. She actually let her child play outside. Without direct adult supervision! Call CPS immediately! A very thoughtful and kindly neighbor saw the negligent parent’s boy playing a few feet from his house, and considerate of all the dangerous people living in the suburban utopia, this neighbor led the boy back to his house and severely reprimanded Roy. But Read more […]

New Jersey Social Workers Threaten to Kidnap Boy For Twirling his Pencil “Like a Gun”

It all started when 13-year-old Ethan Chaplin was playing with his pencil at school. A classmate witnessed Ethan’s pencil play and claimed that he was twirling it around like a gun. I didn’t know that a gun is something you twirl around your hand like one would a pencil. It seems that’s what you say to get anyone in trouble at school these days. “Hey, teacher, Ethan’s reading his book ‘like a gun,’” or “Ethan’s sitting down in his chair and paying attention ‘like a gun.’” Read more […]

CPS Investigating Will and Jada Smith Family

There may be no organization on earth I hate more than CPS (Child Protective Services). There are few organizations in America (other than possibly government schools or Planned Parenthood) whose works are so contrary to their purported mission or whose followers are more deluded. Well, CPS is at it again. They have decided to investigate the family of Will and Jada Smith entirely on the basis of a single photo that a family friend posted to Instagram. The photo depicts 20-year-old actor, Moises Read more […]