President Strongly Against Soldiers Free Speech

Rep. John Fleming, R-La recently offered an amendment to proposed NDAA legislation that would have “required the Armed Forces to accommodate ‘actions and speech’ reflecting the conscience, moral, principles or religious beliefs of the member.” The Obama administration has taken a position against the amendment because, in their opinion, it would cause a distraction in the ranks and make completion of any mission more difficult. Others have framed this as an “anti-gay” amendment meant Read more […]

Soldier Persecuted for Conservative Beliefs

A soldier in the US Army has seen consistent persecution and reprimands for his conservative beliefs.  Todd Starnes reports for Fox News that Master Sgt. Nathan Sommers, a veteran of the US Army and member of the US Army band, has been repeatedly accosted for not being willing to live his life in hiding. This is life in Obama’s America – no dissent will be tolerated. Sommers’ faults range from having bumper stickers which disparage the Democrats or support Republicans, to reading books Read more […]