More Citizens Refusing to Answer Questions at Checkpoints

We’re told that we have a right to remain silent. How ironic it is that these days we get arrested for doing just that – remaining silent. These particular checkpoints are run by the Border Patrol, but they’re nowhere near the Mexico-U.S. border. They’re within 100 miles of the border. So, the people they end up stopping and harassing are just ordinary American citizens. When they’re stopped, a border agent will ask them if they’re U.S. citizens, where they were born, where they’re Read more […]

Are You Required to Answer Questions in a DUI Checkpoint?

According to Florida attorney Warren Redlich, you’re not required to even roll down your window, let alone speak to the police in a DUI checkpoint. (In Florida anyway.) When he rolls through one of those checkpoints, he puts up a piece of paper to the window that reads:  “I remain silent. No searches. I want my lawyer.” Below those emboldened words, he also lays out these stipulations: Please put any tickets under windshield wiper. I am not required to sign – §318.14(2). I am not required Read more […]

Video: Cop Explodes at Driver for Asking, “Am I Being Detained?”

In the video below a cop explodes over a driver’s believe in his right to travel. In Article IV of the Articles of Confederation, we find the right to travel enumerated as an entitlement, on par with the Bill of Rights. It read, in part:  “…the people of each State shall have free ingress and regress to and from any other State, and shall enjoy therein all the privileges of trade and commerce, subject to the same duties, impositions, and restrictions as the inhabitants thereof respectively…” The Read more […]

The Boston Marathon Bombers Won

Politicians love it when terrorist attacks happen. They use those attacks for their own political gain. It means they get to pretend to mourn victims’ deaths with a fake tear in their eye and proclaiming that they’ll “never forget,” while taking everyone else’s freedoms away, one by one. They know that a police and surveillance state is a much easier sell to Americans when the media’s obsessed with a terrorist attack 24/7. Naïve viewers get scared and want the government to “do something,” Read more […]

Judge: Border Patrol Can Confiscate Laptops, Cell Phones Without Reasonable Suspicion

U.S Border Patrol can set up checkpoints anywhere within 100 miles of the country’s actual border. And at these checkpoints, agents will stop you, interrogate you, ask you if you’re a U.S. citizen, possibly search your car and your belongings. Even if they don’t suspect you of wrongdoing, they can seize your phone, your laptop or whatever electronic device you have with you. Judge Edward Korman recently threw out a case where an Islamic Studies graduate student named Pascal Abidor sued the Read more […]

Federal Contractors Stop Random Drivers And Ask For Samples Of Their Blood And Saliva

The contractors and off-duty cops conducting these random stops must have been “pro-choice,” because they gave drivers options. The drivers could give officials a sample of their saliva and receive $10; a sample of their blood and receive $50; or at the very least receive a free breath test. I’m wondering if they also offered complimentary colonoscopies or free stool sample analyses. I can think of many people who’d take them up on the latter. It was on a busy Fort Worth, Texas road that Read more […]