New York Mayor Tries To Kill School Choice By Executive Fiat

“The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.” – Thomas Jefferson What is the threat of charter schools? Beyond just that, what is the threat of a non-public education? Given all the noise made about school vouchers, one could be led to believe that the government has it out for private schools. Charter schools are a safe haven for parents whose children attend failing public schools. Charter schools offer a choice for upward Read more […]

Survey and Parents Say Public Schools Failing

Recent polls indicate that public schools across the nation are failing the mark of educating our children, adding more fuel to the debate between public, private and charter schools. A recent Gallup Poll revealed that independent private schools scored the highest marks while public schools scored the lowest.  When surveyed, 78% of the people said that independent private schools provided a good to excellent education.  Only 37% said that public schools provided a good to excellent education.  Read more […]