Hillary Clinton is a Hypocrite – Just Look at Gay Marriage to Understand

  Hillary Clinton likes to pretend that she doesn’t shift positions with the prevailing winds of opinion, but it’s just not true. On almost every important political or cultural issue of the last 30 years, Hillary Clinton has shifted, bent, contorted and completely reversed her own previous opinions. While we should not be surprised when someone changes a few of their opinions over the years, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in America who has changed their minds as often as Clinton Read more […]

Networks Continue to Falsely Blame Rick Scott for “Fangate”

Networks blasted Florida Governor Rick Scott (R-FL) for his part in the “fangate” saga that played out in his recent debate with Charlie Crist (D-FL)… but when the truth came out that it was the debate organizers who erred, and not Scott… those same networks went silent.   All the while, neither network mentioned that Scott said Thursday that he was there for the debate and told by the debate organizers to not come out as Crist was supposedly not there because he the debate rules Read more […]

Charlie Crist’s Boss and Campaign Advisor Caught in Marijuana Haze!

After Charlie Crist’s political fortunes imploded in his doomed run for the Senate he returned to working as a lawyer. The firm he joined is helmed by Crist’s good friend and campaign contributor, John Morgan. Well, Morgan may have given Charlie gainful employment… but he’s also saddled him with a pretty disturbing scandal. Check out what camera’s caught Morgan doing in Lakeland, Florida recently. Here’s what the local newscasters had to say about the incident…notice they leave “Good Read more […]

Phoniest Former Republican Ever, Charlie Crist, Left GOP for Their Racism

If ever there was a political opportunist, that man is Charlie Crist, former governor of Florida. His motto is essentially, “What do you believe? That’s what I believe too!” He has no conviction to stick to a position. He is the definition of slime. You may recall that Crist decided against running for re-election in 2010 to vie instead for a Senate seat. He was the frontrunner in the Republican primary, but then a Marco Rubio gained traction and Crist trailed in the polls ever after. Realizing Read more […]