Senate Bill Gives $60 Million to CDC to Study “Epidemic of Gun Violence”

I didn’t know that “gun violence” was a disease. Liberals are always redefining things. Marriage has been redefined so that it is no longer just between a man and a woman. Science has been redefined so that it is now something that is determined by a consensus of politically connected scientists. And now disease has been redefined to include things such as “gun violence.” Gun violence is now not only a disease; it’s an epidemic. Even our new Surgeon General had declared it a “public Read more […]

Think Vaccine Deniers Pose a Public Health Risk? What About Antibiotics?

The use, overuse, and abuse of antibiotics potentially poses a greater public health risk than the declining implementation of vaccines: Antibiotics misuse can be costly and deadly. Last year, the CDC reported 23,000 annual deaths and 2 million sicknesses stemming from improper antibiotic use. After bacteria builds up a resistance to prescribed antibiotics, health care workers have to use expensive alternative medication. Additional tests, prolonged treatments and hospitalization, and lost income Read more […]

CDC Still Pushing Flu Shots in Spite of 23% Effectiveness

The CDC is still encouraging people to get flu shots in spite of the fact that recent reports give them a dismal %23 effectiveness rating: The flu vaccine for 2014-2015 is not the worst ever — the past decade has ranged from 10 percent to 60 percent effective — but its record is worrying enough that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have urged doctors to ramp up the use of antiviral medications in people who fall ill with influenza. Its lack of punch is being blamed on multiple Read more […]

Disease Control: Homosexuals Comprise Just 1.6% of the Population

The CDC just released the results of their survey to find out how many homosexuals there are in the U.S. Wait a minute. Isn’t that homophobic of the CDC? They’re the Centers for Disease Control. It’s almost as if they’re associating homosexuality with disease. At any rate, they found that the homosexual population in America is a paltry 3.5 million people, about 1.6% of the adult population. This fringe minority group is the basis for “hate crime” laws that would make the Bible a piece Read more […]

San Fran Wants to Let Homosexuals Donate Blood

For the time being, federal regulations prohibit male homosexuals from donating blood because of their increased risk of HIV/AIDS infection. Now, San Francisco Supervisor Scott Weiner has introduced a resolution to change that: Weiner told KTVU in San Francisco that the city has to make a statement to the FDA that times and technology are changing. He charged, “It’s discriminatory, it has no basis in public health. All donated blood is heavily tested, and it’s depriving our country of a Read more […]

Federal Government Actively Fighting Christian and Gay-to-Straight Counseling

How would you feel to find out that the federal government was using your tax dollars to fund efforts to specifically counter any and all counseling efforts by Christians and others to help gays go straight? Well, it’s true and you’re not the only one upset and concerned about it. The United States Justice Foundation’s team of legal experts claim that the federal government uses various websites and organizations that fall short of being scientifically credible with the information they Read more […]