CBS Refuses Commercial Containing Pledge Of Allegiance

What defines politics? More specifically, what defines what is, and is not “political?” Some things are inherently political, in that they relate directly to politics. Platforms, and issues that are regulated necessarily by law, and issues that affect our lives in a corporate sense are, by nature, political. But what about everything else? What is up for grabs? What have we unnecessarily made political? Some things have been painted with a coat of politics when they shouldn’t have any political nature Read more […]

CBS Makes Defeating ISIS Sound Easy

On Sunday CBS’ Face the Nation Peggy Noonan and her fellow roundtable guests made stopping ISIS seem downright simple! Listen to what Noonan says around 6:55 – “It’s one thing to send U.S. guys in there for intelligence, for guidance, for some leadership,”  Noonan told host Bob Schieffer . “That’s different from, ‘Hey guys, let’s invade a nation and do nation building.’ ISIS is a specific threat. We probably know of fifty targets on which we can go boom boom boom. Yes, there Read more […]

Teacher Unions Pressure Network to Cancel Show Airing How Teachers Seduce Your Kids

I’ve written a number of times in the past couple years about incidents where teachers have taken sexual advantage of students of all ages. In the northern Kentucky/greater Cincinnati area, it seems that there is at least 1-2 new cases reported on the news every month. You would think that educators would be educated enough to know that they won’t get away with their crimes, but they are more stupid than you think. The Discovery Channel recognized the problem of sexually predatory teachers Read more […]

CBS’s Bob Schieffer: Polls Show Most Americans Favor Obamacare

In politics and media, opinion polls are everything. Constantly surveying public opinion allows politicians to tailor their rhetoric to appeal to the majority of their audience. But things get difficult when politicians are being paid by lobbyists to support something that is generally unpopular with their constituents. Then they have to twist and distort the data to try to make people more receptive to it. And that’s what the media are for. They’re there for the politicians, hammering Read more […]

Sharyl Attkisson’s Computers Hacked – Are Yours Next?

About a month ago, CBS correspondent Sharyl Attkisson mentioned on a radio interview that she believed her computer had been hacked, and that someone had taken a look around to see what she was working on. Well, now we know that someone did indeed hack into her computer, and that they were clearly rifling through reports that she was working on, as well as removing certain material from her files. CBS news has confirmed that a security firm that they hired “has determined through forensic analysis” Read more […]

Sharyl Attkisson Shows What Happens To A Real Journalist

Politico ran a story that “Sharyl Attkisson has problems”: “The Obama administration won’t answer the CBS News correspondent’s questions because her investigations — into Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Solyndra — often reflect negatively on it. Some colleagues at CBS News, where she has worked for two decades and earned multiple Emmy awards, dismiss her work because they perceive a political agenda. And now, she says, someone may have hacked into her computers. Attkisson’s one piece Read more […]